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Using Puppy Pads to Decrease Housebreaking Stress

small-brown-fuzzy-puppyPuppy pads are a moderately new device in the process of housebreaking. They are made of a thick bit of absorbent material with a plastic support.

After the dog knows where the absorbent mats are found he will use them instead of going directly on the floor. The features and benefits of this product are particularly successful when utilized with consideration, patience, and consistency.


A puppy training pad has numerous helpful features. Fixed edges on the mat help hold fluid in place and prevent spills. The plastic support is placed in contact with the floor with the fabric or absorbent side facing up. Most puppy pads have deodorizers of some sort.

Higher quality products are treated with an aroma that is used to attract the pet. Trays can likewise be purchased to hold the puppy pads.

After they use the pad, simply wrap and discard it in the trash. In light of a legitimate concern for being eco-accommodating, launder-able products are also available which can be reused over and over.


cute-puppy-standing-upThe benefits of utilizing puppy training pads incorporate more cleanliness, less uneasiness, and improved convenience.

Keeping accidents confined to one area is certainly better than hunting all over the house to find out where that smell is coming from

Since there is less stress over cleanup, the whole process is much more quiet for the pet. Mishaps have dependably been a problem for homeowners who have to be away from their dogs for short periods. With the training pad this is no longer a problem.

Consistent Training and Routine

Having the proper dog supplies alone does not take away your responsibility to help train your dog. There should be patient and consistent training to successfully housebreak your pet. Check out these tips to successfully use a puppy pad with proper training and coaching.

Keep the training pad placed in the same area with the goal that there will be a feeling of predictability and schedule. Routine is important in building up consistent conduct.

Watch the pet’s common everyday conduct and note what times of day they need to answer the call of nature.

Place the animal in his own “potty place” consistently, giving careful consideration to which times of day are the best.

Expect a few mishaps and don’t utilize discipline to manage them. Praise, rather than punishment, encourages good behavior.


puppy-spread-out-on-wooden-floorTry not to get frustrated or be disapproving toward your pet. The more positive reinforcement the more they will want to make you as happy as you make them.

When it’s time to ween them off of the pads, gradually move the pad closer to the door where they typically exit. Do this over several days but don’t leave the pad at the door too long before encouraging them to ask to go outside. You don’t want them to think that this is the new home for their potty. You want them to quickly transition to asking to leave the house to use the outside bathroom.

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