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Catamaran Sailing at Sunset in Key West Florida

Beautiful Places To Visit In Key West Florida

Key West Harbor - One of many places to visit in Key WestIf you are looking for a vacation that you will never forget you must consider Key West, Florida.

The island of Key West sits at the tip of America, but the beginning of the Caribbean adventure. In the past few decades, Key West has reinvented itself over and over as a tourist hot spot, but the heart of Key West hasn’t changed, and that’s the real draw to this island destination.

There are several places to visit in Key West, or the Florida Keys in general, and there are several things you must do and see.

The most intriguing thing about Key West is the combination of multiple cultures that have shaped the island. Even if you took away all the water activities, you would still have one of the most distinctive and charming cities in the United States. Cuban, Southern, African, Caribbean and a dozen other cultures have all contributed to the unique architecture that defines the city. To get the most out of Key West make sure to spend a few hours simply walking the beautiful streets. Early morning is the best time to experience the town.

Getting around Key West can be a pain since it’s crowded. Navigating the area via a bike or moped is not only highly pleasurable but practical. Sure, you can use a car, but you’re likely to get very, very frustrated. Once you have your transportation in order, there are some great sights to see here.

Harry S. Truman Little White House

One of the great US presidents, Harry S. Truman, used to escape the pressures of the White House by spending time in Key West. Once he discovered it, he was hooked. His house became known as the “Little White House” and it’s now open to the public. It’s been completely restored.

The exhibits capture Truman’s Key West experiences. Tours are offered. They typically last just under an hour and new tours start every 15 minutes. And if you’re a real fan, there’s a presidential gift shop.

The prices are pretty reasonable. Adults are $11 and kids 12 and under are $5. The Little White House is open daily until 4:30 p.m.

Earnest Hemmingway Home

If there’s one attraction you see in Key West, this is it. You can’t miss it. His Spanish Colonial house was built in 1851, and as you probably already know, Hemmingway was a famous writer. Hope you like cats. Hemmingway loved them. He had dozens of cats and their offspring still roam the premises to this day.

For true fans, reserve about 30 minutes to take the exclusive tour. You’ll be ushered to places, such as Hemmingway’s study, and you’ll see unusual artifacts. There’s no extra cost for this tour, so you might as well take it.

Admission to the Hemmingway home is $11 for adults and $6 for children. It’s open daily until five p.m. If you’re not going to take the tour (or you can’t stand cats), it might be wise to pass on this attraction. However, this is one of the things people think of when they think of Key West.

Key West Aquarium

If you’ve got kids (or just love the aqua life), then this is a great little attraction to spend some time at. You’ll see dozens of crustaceans and other aqua life. This is the oldest tourist attraction in Key West.

Kids will love some of the displays as they can touch some of the aqua life-like sea cucumbers.

The tours offered are free and a must. Nothing is quite as satisfying as watching a shark go into a feeding rampage-or perhaps as scary. You’ll also see turtles, barracudas, and much more.

The Key West Aquarium is a great place to spend a couple of hours. Admission is pretty much in line with everything else. Adults are $10 and children are $5. It’s open daily until six p.m., and the free tours are given four times each day. There are also plenty of discount coupons floating around, so look for them.

Key West, Florida is a marvelous place to visit. Whether it’s your first visit or not, give these attractions a try. I think you’ll be pleased.

Ambassador Resort Inn

Need accommodations? The Best Western Key Ambassador Resort Inn is located on Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West, Florida. This is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf of Mexico.

The exhilarating blue skies combined with blue waters are a sight to behold. They also have lush green tropics and magnificent sunset which has a color of vivid red and purples. They provide great outdoor activities like fishing, snorkeling, diving, and parasailing. They also have a museum that contains America’s finest relics and America’s real treasures.

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  1. We’ve been to key west several times and still haven’t done everything there is to do. I really like the pirate tour/museum the first year but it’s not something I would do again. Great for kids tho!

    If you don’t have kids then you can spend almost the entire vacation in bars and restaurants getting fat on all kinds of foods!

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