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Two Beautiful Emerald Rings

All About Emeralds – The Most Popular Green Gem

Beautiful Emerald Ring JewelryEmeralds are said to be the most popular green gem for various reasons, but largely because many people in ancient times valued them as the most precious gem.

Uses For Emeralds

Emeralds were used in lots of ways, including jewelry, as a tool to aid clairvoyants or spiritual leaders to enhance their vision, as the materials used in the burial of ancient Egyptian mummies, and they were also known to have a special power to help boost the healing process.

In other words, since ancient times, emeralds were used not only as a token to show the material wealth of a person, but they were also used as a token of spiritual power.

No wonder these precious stones were very popular back in the day, after the Egyptians introduced them thousands of years ago to the world. Even today they are used by passionate gem lovers around the world not only as a jewelry, but as a source of spiritual power.

How To Obtain Emeralds

Emeralds are sold in most gemstone stores, whether online or offline, and they vary in price depending on their rarity, beauty, and many other factors.

Be careful when buying an emerald because they can be found in nature or man-made in a lab. Gemstone dealers may sell you synthetic emeralds either on purpose or by accident due to their lack of experience. Be sure you are purchasing a natural gem and not one grown in a lab.

Of course, the appearance of a synthetic emerald will resemble the natural emerald, but in terms of quality, the natural emerald will always prevail.

Some synthetic emeralds have almost 100% resemblance with natural stones, and can only be distinguished by a gemstone expert. So, if you want to obtain your first emerald, be sure to buy the natural one, and ask for certification that proves the emerald is natural-grown instead of lab-grown.

Take a look at the color and clarity of the emerald gem before you purchase it. The best quality gems have green as the dominant color, with the possible color hue variation within the gem. This gemstone also shows a good clarity when exposed to the light.

Facts About Emeralds

  • The gemstones have been around since ancient times. They were worn by kings and priests in various ancient kingdoms.
  • They were also worn by spiritual leaders to enhance their spiritual power, such as clairvoyance.
  • The green gem was worn by a married couples, since it was believed that the gems can help strengthen the love and compassion for the wearer.
  • Emeralds were popular among mummies, especially in ancient Egypt, as they symbolized wealth which helped the deceased be accepted by the gods.
  • Egyptians introduced emeralds to the world about four thousand years ago, and since then, these gemstones have become popular throughout the world.

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